Existing Bikeways

Brays Bayou Trail

The Brays Bayou Trail meanders along Brays Bayou from Gessner to MacGregor Park. This approximately 12 mile trail along the bayou was built by Harris County and is maintained by County Precinct 3, Precinct 1, and Precinct 2.

Through Project Brays, Harris County Flood Control District is currently widening the channel. This project will include the reinstallation of existing trails and, where possible, will prepare a shelf to include a trail on the opposite bank. Unfortunately, segments of the trails along Brays Bayou will be periodically closed for construction. In order to accommodate the wider channel, the City of Houston Bikeway Program is reconstructing two bicyclist and pedestrian bridges, at Bob White, near Fondren Middle School, and at Atwell, near the Jewish Community Center. The City of Houston Bikeway Program is also constructing two new bicyclist and pedestrian bridges, one at Dixie Drive to connect to Hermann Park via a new tunnel underneath MacGregor Drive, and another new bridge at Tierwester, connecting the existing bike route across the bayou to provide enhanced access to the main campus of the University of Houston.

Project Status:
Bridge construction is underway and should be completed by Spring 2012.

Federal Funds:
Statewide Transportation Enhancement Project
Local Funds: City of Houston, METRO
Estimated Cost: $5 million
City Council District: C, F